martedì 20 novembre 2012

No donation... No promotion... No future

Sad to say but, no donation received for music promotion activities at this time.

Creative Jazz and Lounge Empire, K-Radios Network major stations, broadcast great music every day .
Every artist, professional, indipendent or unsigned, interested in promoting music on thi stations is welcome.
We offer this service for free 'cause we love music, we love give anyone the opportunity to go live to build or increase visibility and hopefully success.
But to do that our staff work hardly day by day to keep contacts, manage our Facebook and Twitter profiles, update and refresh the playlists and so on.

That's the reason why we ask you, primarily musicians, singers, authors, to donate.
Doesn't matter how much but, if you really appriciate what we do for you and your music, please consider to donate via K-Radios website at

Thank you so much for your attention.

K-Radios Network

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